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Pre-School/seaking room


Communication and language.

We help develop your child’s speaking and listening skills and build the foundations for reading and writing using phonics, letters and sounds and learning language and loving it.


We cover important aspects of mathematical understanding and the foundations of numeracy. This area of learning includes counting, sorting, matching, seeking patterns, making connections and working with numbers, shapes and patterns.

Understanding the world.

This very broad subject encourages children to develop the skills that help them make sense of the world. It forms the foundation for later work in science, design and technology, history, geography and ICT. Children learn to investigate and be curious, enthusiastic and experimental. We also look at our families and our communities.

Physical development.

This is about improving coordination, control, manipulation and movement skills both indoors and outdoors, using large pieces of equipment, tunnels, bikes, sandpit etc., these enable energetic play, hand-eye coordination and extends both fine motor skills and gross motor control. We also bring in outside activities such as Super strikers, Monkey music, Zumba and yoga when ever we can.

Expressive arts and design.

Children learn through creative play; it is fundamental to successful learning. Creativity also helps children to make connections between one area of learning and another. Art, music, role-play, imaginative play and cooking are all included in our program of creative learning.


This area covers reading and writing skills, we use story telling and imaginative play and encourage mark making in a number of ways in many situations.

Personal, social and emotional.

We support children in making relationships, managing feelings and behaviour and self confidence and self awareness

(Being me) – how we come to understand who we are and what we can do,  and how we look after ourselves.

(Being social) – how we come to understand ourselves in relation to others, how we make friends, understand the rules of society and behave towards others.

(Having feelings) – how we come to understand our own and others’ feelings and develop our ability to ‘stand in someone else’s shoes’ and see things from their point of view, referred to as empathy.

We feel these skills are essential for young children in all aspects of their lives.  It will help them to: relate well to other children and adults; make friends and get on with others; feel secure and valued; explore and learn confidently; and ultimately to feel good about themselves.


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